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    Loft conversions

    Creating extra living space in your home is the perfect way to not only cater for a growing family, but to increase the property’s value too. Converting your loft will make the most of wasted space, often used for storing boxes and Christmas decorations. With the loft there are plenty of options and it can be converted into a bedroom, playroom or study. What’s more, you won’t need planning permission as the structure is already in place, so a professional can get cracking straight away. With the current tough housing climate, many people are choosing to stay put and improve their home rather than relocate. And a Nationwide survey suggests that converting a loft into an ensuite bedroom will add as much as 20% to your home’s valuation.
    • Make the most from wasted space in your home
    • Convert the loft into a bedroom, playroom or study
    • Add as much as 20% to your property’s value
    • Avoid entering the tough housing market
    • No need for planning permissions

    Loft conversions in the UK

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